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How to Backup Computer Files

It seems like the your computer is the all important tool, until you lose your files and you realize the computer is just the box that held the important stuff. You MUST backup computer files on a regular basis. And there are many methods to accomplish this. I'll list them here, you choose 1, 2, or more, and then make it a priority to put your choice into action!

1a) Manually back up your files to an external USB flash drive. These are inexpensive, they come in lots of gig sizes, and by far the best one is the SanDisk because it has an "onboard back up program" as a service to you.

Once You Know, You Newegg

At NewEgg, in the search box, type SanDisk USB flash drive. Find one with the approximate GigaBytes you will need, and buy it.

1b) When you put the SanDisk into your computer, notice a program that will try to open called "CruzerSync". Click it, enter a username and password, and now choose which files you want it to back up regularly.

2) Purchase an external harddrive which usually comes with TONS of gigs of space. (Also at NewEgg or a local store.) This is the method I use. I paid about $150 for it 3 years ago, and it works like a charm. I plug it into my computer. The "My Computer" section sees it, and I simply click and drag "My Documents, My Pictures, My Music" to the "external hard drive". It's fast, easy, simple. And I still have lots of room.

3) Purchase an online data backup tool that will automatically securely backup your computer files every day. These usually cost approximately $50 per year. You won't even know the backup is happening and you can tell if a file is selected for backup by a handy little checkmark icon that appears beside the filename.

One of the most popular on the market is Carbonite and I highly recommend it if an online secure data backup is your method of choice.

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